Food for fruit? Does this website sell some kind of (artificial) manure?
Or another way to make my fruit trees grow better?

If you read the text under the title you will soon understand that this is not about artificial fertilizer. It is a text from
the Bible, which is about the fruit that God works in a human being through the Holy Spirit.

If you do not yet know what this is about and want to know more, but would like to know more, read the article below.
"Why should you believe in Jesus?


Why would you
believe in Jesus?

What do you believe in? And are you sure that
what you believe is the truth?


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Everyone knows that a child needs food to grow. Once you are an adult, you need food to stay alive. Healthy food is therefore important, so that we get the right nutrients. In general, we find this very important. We spent time and money to put a nice healthy meal on the table. This is also important for our spiritual life. If we are Christians and believe that what the Bible says is true, it is also important that we grow up spiritually.

The apostle Peter writes about this in 1 Peter chapter 2 verse 2:

Newborn babies long for milk. Likewise, you must long to hear the words of God. Then your faith can grow, and you will be saved.  (Bible in plain language)

It is necessary for us as Christians to nourish ourselves (daily) with the Word of God. This is the only way our faith can grow.

We hope that this website may make a modest contribution to good nourishment, so that our faith will grow!