Nice to meet you!

We would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are Marcel and Hella Rijsdijk. For Marcel it has been about 35 years since he came to know the Lord Jesus and for Hella it has been 30 years.
From the moment we came to faith, we received teaching from the Bible through which we could grow in faith. Also by confidently putting into practice what we learned, through trial and error and always by going back to the basics: the Bible.

Over the years we have read and studied the Bible, received from it by others and shared it again. That is what we like to do in all kinds of forms, also on this website.
We believe that what you receive in life is not just for yourself, but to share with others.

We have learned a lot from other Christians. Their insights, life lessons and their walk with God. Our desire is that what God has given us may also be a blessing for others.

Are we there yet? Not by a long shot! We are still learning from our mistakes. The most important thing is that we do not give up and keep our faith, through everything!

Take a look around at our website. If you have any questions about any of the topics, feel free to contact us via chat or email!